Occupy Wall Street.

Corporate greed

Made our ethics bleed

Once all that mattered was our creed, 

Now the only significant issue is how much we leave on our deed

There’s something wrong with the status quo

When unemployment is high and humanity is low

We can buy stocks from the arms dealers

But we cannot fund a revolution

We are but cogs in a capitalistic machine

We are nothing but an example of failed evolution.


They occupied our minds

They occupied our souls

They made us robots to whom only money was the ultimate goal.

We were made to slave our way into early graves

It was hell on earth, toxic raves

Wall street scams, roadside jams,

Underpaid mothers dying to buy their babies prams


But this is all just another day on our planet

This bubble that bubble, welcome to another tax bracket.

All the world’s a stage

We’re just stuck in a cage

So it’s time to raise our arms higher

Rip open the barbed wire

The working class hero was once something no fear,

now the working class hero can’t even afford a beer.

So it’s time we take a stand and occupy these wall streets.

Enough is enough, expose the morally bankrupt cheats.


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