Uniformed Gladiators

In Ridley Scott‘s Gladiator politician Gracchus says ‘He will bring them death, and they will love him for it.’

Similarly, the saying can be adapted to high school; ‘it will bring us gossip, and we will love it for that.’

High school of late has become the modern day Colosseum wherein the purpose of different minorities is to provide entertainment.

modern day Colosseum

The contenders are; the popular group a la jocks and cheerleaders, the nerds and emotionally deranged and finally, the outcasts. Each sect can be subdivided but the overall purpose is for them to create gossip that the crowd as a whole can enjoy and derive shameless pleasure from.

If the minority provides extreme entertainment, a thumbs up is provided, and the slaves become as powerful as emperors . If the scandals are not up to the mark, a huge thumbs down is given and the gladiators are exiled to the life of outcasts. Fortunately though, the sign is usually a horizontal holding out of the thumb, to signify the audiences undecided stance and desire for an encore of drama.

The sad truth; however, is that the audiences don’t actually care about the gladiators’ state of affair. We merely continued to become a unifrmed society obsessed with mindless, trivial entertainment and now, even in educational institutions, we seek out such drama. We’ve all come to love an emotionally charged bloodbath, therefore it’s no surprise that we ensure school has enough of drama.

Oh well… you know what they say; ‘live by the gossip, die by the gossip.’


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