Unkindness of Ravens

An unkindness of ravens,

A murder of crows.

A room with you,

She said "Now we can't have it"

Is a room full of hoes.

You’ve forgotten me,

But I remember you

I remember the words you said

I even remember saying; ‘I love you too.’

I said I want it all,

You said ‘now we can’t have it’

It’s strange that even though you pushed me out the door,

You sat crying on the bathroom floor.


Telling the world 140 characters of how you feel,

choosing his emotions of how you feel,

Tears that ended up drowning the seas,

The violence was deadened by your pleas.

But baby please,

Stop this madness and get up of your knees.


I was meant to stand by your side,

We were meant to weather this oncoming tide.

But now there’s an empty inbox

And a whole host of new, unbreakable locks.

And even though I cant break through

I’ll  sit on the other side with my memories of you,

That smile, that kiss…

A reverie of never-ending bliss.


2 comments on “Unkindness of Ravens

  1. C.Sriram says:

    Let’s pray for the happy reunion of the love birds. Our prayers may change the mind of the adamant ‘she’ bird. Keep trying ‘He’ bird and don’t give up.
    Nice choice of words and keep penning.
    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

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