The iCon perishes

Steve Jobs who signed out from the world last night was neither an engineer nor an innovator, yet he is still ranked as one of the most celebrated innovators in the world of technology.

Under his direction, apple went from a company with good ideas to a company with great results, having recently become the most valued business in America.

The first apple product to grace us was the Apple 1, which was launched in 1976, mainly catering to hobbyists and engineers. With an almost simplistic design, the Apple 1 was one small bite into what was to become one very large apple.

apple 1

Let’s skip to 1985 following Apple’s  release of the AppleII, Lisa and the first Macintosh. 1985 saw deteriorating relationships between Sculley and Jobs that led to Jobs’ ouster from Apple. At the same point in time, Jobs founded NeXT and a year later bought the Graphics Group, which later became Pixar. NeXT was deemed extremely costly, but just like all other Jobs related projects, NeXT was technologically superior.

1996, saw Apple purchase Jobs owned NeXT for a whopping $429 million and effectively, this move saw Jobs return to Apple and assume the role of CEO. His return was amidst a downward spiral for Apple as the company was witnessing an ever shrinking share of the PC market. 1996’s radical iMac was the first step in reversing the slide.

The iMac saw the beginning of Jobs’ and Apple’s iWin era with Apple moving from strength to strength. The iPod in 2001 gave way to the iTunes interface in 2003 and in 2007 the iPhone was born, which took the world by storm and allowed for Apple to make people want to be a part of the iEffect. The iPad was then launched in 2010, virtually creating its own market of tablet computing.

Sadly though, the Jobs’ era came to an end on October the 5th, with Jobs losing the battle against his unyielding illnesses. Whatever happens now, the world will miss the charisma, spirit and acumen of Jobs, the man who told us ‘stay hungry, stay foolish.’



One comment on “The iCon perishes

  1. C.Sriram says:

    His death is indeed a great loss for the Tech-savvy world. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is the general saying. But this man ‘Steve Jobs’ has given a new dimension to the word ‘Apple’. He and his innovative leadership qualities have helped man for decades to stay updated in terms of technology. No man is born without a purpose and this man has made the world feel his very existence convincingly in style. Hats off to his achievements and let his immortal soul rest in peace.

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