The sound of a breaking heart.

People always have the tendency to proclaim that they are heartbroken, and recently I suffered the same fate. However, metaphors aside; what does heartbreak actually sound like?

Does it sound like a play list of depressed songs that feature Adele, Neyo and One Repubic?

Does it sound like glass breaking into thousands of fragments?

Perhaps it sounds like the thud of a boxer being knocked down on to the mat; out for the count..

Maybe it sounds like a gunshot, bringing with it the air of finality. The shot to throw you off the terrible precipice that was love.

It could potentially be the feeling when Jack Dawson disappears into the abyss of the ocean, his death ridden eyes staring up into Rose’s until he’s swallowed by the darkness, and his candle is extinguished?

Whatever it is; heartbreak is ultimately the wail of what could have been. It is the sobs of departure and the whimper of denial. Heartbreak is the deep thudding within your ribcage that reminds you that you are both alive but devastated. The sound of heartbreak is music that we try to avoid, but inevitably hear over the sound of our headphones, or throughout the whispers that emanate throughout the darkness.


One comment on “The sound of a breaking heart.

  1. Sriram.C says:

    Your sound of a broken heart makes me feel ur words; a little sorrow is always good for a poem and i guess, u have perfected this technique. Keep writing and have fun

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