Loneliness is underrated.

The whisper of silence and the touch of darkness keep you company as you sink yourself into an abyss of isolation.

The walls echo with comforting sounds, and the light of your mobile phone blinks eerily; a steady rhythm that your unsure heart reluctantly matches.

Images from the past illuminating the night sky like shooting stars, and sounds from the past weave a melody that reverberates through you, incessant and unyielding.

There is respite in knowing that lonliness isn’t really lonely; it is simply a change in the pool of company that surrounds you.

But then, you blink and the dust clears and you realize it was all in your head.

Your heart is merely a gypsy that seeks out a home, you are in no man’s land.

You are alone.


One comment on “Rambling

  1. Sriram.C says:

    loneliness helps to some extent but not always;if u can stay lonely during hard times in life, then u can truely conquer ur mind and soul but unfortunately, most people fail to do so………nice portrayal of loneliness and keep rolling, ALL THE BEST

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