lovegate; biggest case of fraud reported around the world

Move over Watergate and Zippergate (sorry Nix and Bill), Lovegate is the biggest scandal to brutalise the lively hood of people. Quite simply because people are so quick to profess their love that the romantic on the receiving end is  deceived into believing the proclamation is genuine. The sceptic, on the other hand, refuses to accept the statement and does a Houdini on the relationship.

The most despicable form of lovegate occurs when someone declares their love for you, when in actuality it is someone else that their ‘heart beats for.’ Call me a cynic, but in a society where majority of the people find it hard to multi-task (women included), it is near impossible to love multiple people on a romantic level. Unfortunately the receiver of the 3 words cannot even file a law suit against the perpatrator of lovegate and is left with only a ‘get well soon’ card.

Lovegate begins with the receiver of the three words standing atop a terrible precipice, looking over a beautiful sight; however, once the words are delivered, the receiver is gently pushed over the edge into the depth of the barren land below.

Be prepared for scenes like this if you fall prey to lovegate

 Next time, you wish to utter those three words, or are the recepient of them, bare in mind that you have just become a national security threat and ought to be punished by the law. After the recession and before Anna Hazare‘s immensely dangerous dieting scheme, lovegate cements itself as one of the largest scandals ever to have faced humanity.

lovegate simplified


One comment on “lovegate; biggest case of fraud reported around the world

  1. chitranavada says:

    I guess the photography is not from india.,nice theme and writing though.

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