Aristotle unravelled

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece there was a man named Aristotle who believed that justice meant giving people what they deserve. In order to discern who deserves what and why, Aristotle believed the essential nature of the activity and the quality worth recognizing are what should be accounted for.

Let’s put what Aristotle said into perspective. Say, you had a bag of flutes; how would you go about distributing them? Would you do it randomly or filter the flutists from the musically inept?

Well what is the esential nature of using the flute? To make music

What is the quality worth recognizing? The music in itself

Therefore the flutes ought to be given to those who can play it in order to produce good music.

Unfortunately though, when we apply the same concept to the legal system, the lines start to blur. Furthermore, when we apply the concept to a legal system that favors big business and often is dismissive of the little guy, then rather than looking at the Aristotlian concept; we need to raise another question; What is Justice?

Because, contrary to what the dictionaries say; justice has strayed away from being a concept of moral rightness based upon ethics, rationality and law. Now, Justice has become more of a lucrative concept that everyone seems to employ as per their convenience.

It’s unfortunate that in a world that stands for progression, men like Troy Davis receive justice that is perhaps not the product of rational reasoning, nor based on facts that cement their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

It’s unfortunate that lady Justice is repeatedly having dust thrown at her, but somewhere, someone needs to speak up. It’s no longer about beating the system, or being submissive to the system. It’s about changing the system in order to rescue humanity.

It’s about putting away that child molestor for her crime and not wrongly sentincing a man because his ethnicity provides him with motive.

Raise your voices, let those who run the system hear that you will no longer bow before broken laws.

lady justice


3 comments on “Aristotle unravelled

  1. Sriram.C says:

    nice thought for the day; but is it possible for us to dream of a world like this? Let’s wait and see
    my blog:

  2. […] Aristotle unravelled ( […]

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