Tainted Darkness

When the drag of a blade keeps you sane,

You know you’re in a lethal amount of pain.

The reflection in the mirror, fraught with disgust and disdain,

With everything lost and naught to gain.


Your wrists bleed yet your heart is drained,

Your soul departed; only your body remained.

You say youre okay, but youre soldiers were never trained,

Not even the members of your inner sanctum remained.


Your pale skin could not cover the darkness circling your eyes,

Your upward turned lips could not even lend an honest melody to your lies,

Your unwavering brutality gave credence to your dismissive goodbyes,

But it left you weakened when days turned into nights,

Stripped to the core, devoid of any disguise.


The cuts might heal, but the scars remain,

They’ll tear open, again and again.

As your tears run free and sadness takes reign,

Silence will capture what is left of your heart and eternally encase

What’s left of your brain.


Just remember, for the emptiness you feel only you are to blame,

You lost yourself even before you begun the game.


2 comments on “Tainted Darkness

  1. Sriram.C says:

    ‘Learn to process pain’; I think, this is what I learnt from ur poem. Good work and keep writing
    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

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