Tidal Wave of anger at the Indian Politicians

“Half a Dollar a day is adequate for the villagers” says a man who is embroiled in a 4000 crore scam. The same man belongs to a group of politicians whose net value is ever diminishing, but the wages they are paid are ever rising.

It’s appalling that the planning commission to a billion people had the nerve to stand before the Indian Supreme Court and make the absurd claim that 30 rupees a day is enough for “aam admi” in a nation where inflation is spiraling out of control. It’s even more absurd that the commission assumes that 30 rupees a day is enough in a country which the world bank assumes has more than 60% of its population living under the poverty line.

Perhaps the very same people who believe half a dollar a day is enough, should practice what they preach and attempt to live under such financial restrictions as opposed to protesting that they are only picked up in Japanese cars as opposed to German ones.

It is very easy to make such a claim and remove the burden of poverty from your corrupt shoulders, but enough is enough. Have your scams, but do not starve the starved. Do not deceive the intelligent and do not tell people who need at least 100 rupees a day that 30 is enough.

A country that has a GDP approaching double digits and an inflation approaching double digits would do well to ensure it’s people are being looked after.


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