It’s strange how sometimes you can do what’s good for both you and someone else, without completely obliterating your ego. Today, stunned by the words of a girl much younger, I embarked on an attempt to repair the fractured relationship with my friend and end our estrangement. I used two excuses just to ascertain the well being of my former, but sorely missed friend. However, the main thing is that, I set aside my ego and placed an individual who so easily betrayed me over myself.

I miss my friend, my brother, my companion. As childish as it sounds; I believed that “we would ride together and die together,” but now, I stand alone.

Right now, you might not understand the extent of your stupidity in relation to your decisions. You might take respite in temporary happiness but, whatever your call, I wish you the best. Do well for the parents who love you, do well for yourself.



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