A Shadow’s lament

I sit here day after day, watching you unravel… watching your unsteady smile falter, your deep, beautiful eyes drown amidst the sadness that creases the rest of your face. I watch as your hands shake. I watch as your body trembles. I watch but do nothing, because I’m on the other side of a glass wall. I stand tall only to see you break from within and fall.

Your jaw line holds it rigid and brave front but the fissures are visible as your inner volcano begins to rumble. Your posture is that of resignation as your hunched shoulders carry the weight of the sadness infused past. Your voice represents words completely different to what your lips express.

You keep yourself isolated, enveloped by the barriers you constructed. You are the architect of your happiness and your sadness, yet you let others dictate your emotional state of mind. It pains me to witness your pain, it pains me to see you staring with the shadow of failed expectations through the window pane.

I continue to sojourn here, to watch your face glisten with tear after tear. To watch an emotional torrent cascade down the contours of your heart. I continue to watch you tussle with demons from the past, present and future.

Just remember, you’re true colours are better than the darkness you reside under. Let the brightness within you blossom to take away the dark clouds and thunder.

I will always remain with you, never wavering in my loyalty,


Your Shadow


One comment on “A Shadow’s lament

  1. Fatima Syed says:

    one of my favourites!

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