Why literature matters?

The world of an incarcerated prisoner tends to be a narrow and self absorbed one.

The world of a driven scientist tends to be fraught with a multitude of pedantry and minimal forays into social relationships.

The point I’m trying to make is that literature is the gateway into every aspect of human society. Literature allows for us to gather a greater understanding of of human nature, life, death, love, loss, responsibility, and the consequences of good or bad actions. It forces us to broaden the spectrum of our minds and as readers we begin to ask more questions, that only literature can answer.

The importance of literature is not only to build an ego that consists of witty Shakespearean quotes, but it is to get out of the habit of acting impulsively and instead to learn how to articulate our feelings.

Literature allows for us to understand the opinions of a female during Victorian times through her writing and it allows for an understanding of a female’s portrayal through a man’s writing.

Literature matters because it is imbued with ethnic and cultural differences but moreover, literature encompasses humanity’s multifaceted characteristics. Literature is not just Dante or the Bronte sisters, literature is any piece of writing and it matters, because when the music ends and the violence abates, all we have is purpose filled ink.


One comment on “Why literature matters?

  1. saru singhal says:

    Great post, nicely written…

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