9/11 …

I might get a multitude of cyber abuse for writing this, but it’s a significant point that needs raising.

September 11 saw a heinous crime committed against humanity in which, 2996 innocent men and women were slaughtered. The fumes and ash cloud that erupted from the building in addition to the flames still dance in front of my eyes, 10 years on. However, who in the Western world is crying over the death of the 100,00 Iraqis killed by western troops? Who is marking the massacre of Palestinians living in the West Bank?

It might seem rude of me to say, but there is more death and devastation to be marked than just 9/11. In fact, let’s look at some statistics; studies conducted by Population Reference Bureau in 2010 discovered that 108 people die every minute. 156 thousand people die per day and and overwhelming 56.7 million people die per year. Yet it somewhat angers me that we divert our attention to weep for 2996 people during a day which sees 156 thousand die.

What’s worse is; in America itself, relative poverty is on the rise due to rising costs and rising unemployment, which might in turn cause more deaths than the unfortunate 2996.

I suppose the point I’m ultimately trying to make is; either we remember every single terrible act committed towards man by man, or we simply and silently mourn those we’ve lost and remember those that acts of violence took away from us.

Today, I do not remember just the 9/11 victims, I remember everyone who lost their lives due to our societal negligence, failed political decisions and acts of extremism by the misguided. I ask that you do the same as well.


One comment on “9/11 …

  1. Chris says:

    I get your point, however if 9/11 didnt happen, then all the people who have been killed by NATO in recent years in the Middle East have been subject to retaliation – you cannot blame the revenge. Al Qaeda has brought it onto their own people, their own religion.

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