“Holding Grudges…”

When relationships end, we look for ways to move on and usually begin to hold grudges, which leads to anger towards our former counterparts. The strange thing about the anger we hold is that it is like grasping at hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; we are the only ones who get burned.

It seems that by holding grudges we are constantly holding onto what is no longer ours, even if it is by vindictive means. By holding grudges, we are always thinking of revenge, unaware that we are inadvertently ruining ourselves further.

What we don’t realize is that everyday is a struggle as we work to fix the damage and fill in the void left by those who have departed from our lives. As opposed to rationally mourning and accepting the truth, we seek some convoluted comfort in hate. But as our despair worsens and the frown lines increase, we realize that hate towards the past is instigating self hate.

Instead, we should appreciate the time we spent with those from our past and enjoy the memories. We should be there for those from our past, because, they still mean the world to us, regardless of the title and intimacy we shared.

We should live in the moment and look towards the future. Not wallow in the past, because ‘holding grudges over love is ancient artefacts.’


2 comments on ““Holding Grudges…”

  1. priyanika says:

    Beautiful post, i enjoyed reading it.

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