Taking crash landing to a whole new level…

The 21st century needed a brilliant invention, and, seeing as mankind could neither invent the time machine, or the x-men chromosome as part of movie merchandise, Jeff Bezos from Amazon can perhaps be credited with the best invention of the 21st century.

Are you a clumsy person who has a “mobile issues?” Does your phone scrunch up its face when you drop it? Or does it simply throw a tantrum and disable some functions? Or worse yet, does it simply commit hara kiri by not working? Don’t you just wish you could simply rip out the airbags from your car and use them for your phone? On second thoughts, if you’re a bad driver, please don’t think such vile thoughts….

Point is, Jeff Bezos has decided to use built in acceleromets which would detect when the phone is falling, and then deploy emergency airbags which would break the fall and save the phone.

Needless to question is the cost of the concept; however, Bezos is optimistic that it will be cheaper than fixing, or replacing the phone.

So, to all the iphone users who get really angry while playing angry birds, or the blackberry users, who break their phones rather than the bricks, or to the Samsung users (I can never think of anything witty for Samsung…) who are simply too clumsy, Amazon says to you “let there be phone protection.” (after patenting)



One comment on “Taking crash landing to a whole new level…

  1. I need to show this to my husband and daughter. They are always dropping their phones! Love it! =D

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