Phoning an Indian marriage…

I always used to think Indian marriages were like an Indian test innings against the belligerent English; however, recently I realized it was more like being in a ship that goes nowhere. Okay, okay, you defensive desis, there are good sides to the marriage too, just give me a chance to explain myself before you close the tab….

So the occasion of Eid came up, and after wishing the parents, I was involved in at least 50 phone calls to the Subcontinent itself and plenty more across the world. True to the legend, in India, a man doesn’t marry the woman, he marries the in-laws and entire family, extended family and cameo appearances too. It’s no wonder then, that the average Indian family has to work more to make ends meet considering all the phone calls weekends and holidays demand.

I think it’s time we have a live re-enactment of “one night at a call centre,” except in this edition, the higher power should ring up all Indian couples and tell them to experience the efficiency and brilliants of SMS… hence forth defined to be Save my Soul.


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