Happy 1st of September… or is it?

The 244th day of the year (Gregorian Calendar) signals the end of August and the beginning of September. To the relatively chaotic country of Libya, the 244th day of any year since  1969 (barring leap years when it was the 245th) has marked the day, the recently ousted Muammar Gadaffi successfully completed his coup d’etat and established his complete control of Libya.

The day is formally titled “revolution day” and fittingly, Gadaffi has announced that he will continue the fight for Libya, except his announcement might be the beginning of a second revolution rather than reclaiming a country he believes to be under his ownership.

Well whatever may happen in Libya, the 244th day of the year leaves us with only 121 days till the end of the year. Perhaps the last 121 days of the year should be used by leaders across the world to repair the damage they caused in the 244 days gone by and to begin digging the foundation for restoration of our economies, our cross cultural relations and our battered infrastructure.

This year has seen bloodshed across the world where man has ruthlessly slaughtered man, where children have marched for education, nature has given us more warnings and where scandals across all sectors have bruised societies.

Let’s end the year with a bang, the good kind of bang.


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