View from Irene.

The World was hers to crush as she crossed the skies with lethal elegance. A sight, both beautiful and horrifying, Irene cast a large shadow over United State’s East Coast; the shadow of destruction.

Sent by her mother, Nature, to signal her discontent with the way she was being abused by the residents of the big country, Irene set about her task by instigating the oceans and stirring trouble in the skies. The Oceans lashed at the land forcing residents to take refuge and simply gape at the awesome power of Nature’s creation. Roads were ripped apart with the ease man used machine to rip apart trees, cars, houses and infrastructure were destroyed with little fuss and the noise was amplified by the majestic thunderstorms. Rain Pelted the ground with the menace that acid was dumped into the rivers and fertile soil by negligent citizens.

Irene did not look upon those she brutalized as innocents, she looked upon them as perpetrators of a crime against her family, who deserved to be punished. Fortunately, by the time she looked upon lady Liberty, she developed a greater sense of compassion and opted to give the people of America yet another chance. Katrina had yelled, Irene had screeched and if America and the World did not learn their lesson, Nature would send more of her family to wreak havoc.

“Do not hunt the ultimate hunter, nor reason with the reasonable. Appreciate and Respect her lest you wish to bow before her war cry.”


2 comments on “View from Irene.

  1. very throught provoking!

  2. I have been called a tree hugger, green man and a hippie..So I can relate to your post..!!

    Loved your tag line on your blog header.


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