James Bond, Carte Blanche

The Face of war is changing in post 9/11 world as is the equipment provided to espionage agent and Afghan war veteran; James Bond. However, much of Jeffery Deaver‘s characterisation emulates Ian Fleming‘s original character creation, with Bond seeming to be a thinker as well as a muscular, charismatic man, with undeniable class and traditional British mannerisms.

167 pages into the new novel and already as a reader, I’ve been treated to beautiful descriptions of Serbia, London, South Africa’s Cape town and Dubai. Encompassing 3 different continents, Deaver has infused his own lexical mastery into the creation of a fascinating and relevant plot, with topics such as South Sudan‘s desire to become an independent state, the predictable response of intelligence agencies to link any threat to national security to the infamous operatives from the plains of Afghanistan.

Perhaps the only difference between the original Bond and our up to date version is that the original Bond exuded less compassion towards others and was quick to pull the trigger. Furthermore, the original Bond maintained the view that women were to be “softly wooed or brutally ravaged” whereas Deaver’s Bond opts not to indulge in a tryst simply because the lady in question is recovering from a recently ended relationship.

Carte Blanche as a novel treats the reader to a well crafted plot that at page 167 is building towards an explosive climax. Twists and turns, blood, sex, expensive watches, and a beautifully described Bentley Continental GT make the book an undeniable page turner.

The novel’s reinvented Bond, is a Sherlockian espionage hero and courtesy Deaver’s mastery, 5 decades on; 007 still has the license to thrill.


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