Thoughts from a citizen of India

As the world’s second most populated country goes through a bloodless revolution, the MENA region is locked in one of its bloodiest revolutions, where man is gunning down man in pursuit of freedom from dictatorial power.

Times like this make me feel proud to be an Indian, where the common man can raise a tsunami of angst against ailments present within the country, without a single bullet being fired or a single innocent man, woman or child having to take their last breath at the hands of ruthless mercenaries.

As we spin the globe towards the west the violence escalates again as we witness cities being ripped apart due to the class disparity and other negative predicaments, and the response; match fire with fire, while London burns.

Visit our neighbours close to home and even they are locked in a battle for survival with their once lush green flag now receiving a coating of unyielding red, as the blood of citizens is spilled.

So even if we in India are subject to corruption, even if we in India are subject to a widening class divide, even if we in India are subject to petty politics; we in India are a united people, with a singular goal of progress. We weep together when lives are lost in Mumbai and we celebrate together when the world is conquered by bat and ball. We gasp as one when Shahrukh loses the fight against cancer, and whistle as one when Salman rips his shirt off.

We are not one billion people off different cities, religions and backgrounds. We are a singular unit, an example to the world. We are India.


2 comments on “Thoughts from a citizen of India

  1. aame says:

    Awesome !! I really get impressed by ur thoughts each time !

  2. Thank you for a great post.

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