Bangalore; chaos redefined.

There’s a line in the song Hotel California “we are all just prisoners here of our own device” that rather accurately sums up the state of Bangalore.

Each individual in this place that was jokingly titled “the garden city” goes about their day pursuing naught but their own desires. You might say this is the state of the rest of the world but where in the world are you privy to a rather large milk giving animal taking refuge from its busy grass munching life in the middle of a traffic filled road? Where in the world do you find a man climbing a tree simply to be able to get closer to the wifi that the residents of the first floor have so graciously kept unsecured? Only in Bangalore. The politicians in this city are former children who failed in their dream of entering bollywood and ended up acting in the state government. The graveyards in Bangalore are in such a shoddy state that the dead come here to die and the roads are in such a despondent state that people drive around them… yes, you did read that correctly; people drive around roads in order to avoid them. The price of petrol in this city is so high that a man takes his woman to the gas station when she wishes to go some place expensive.

Then we move onto the people themselves. Those who have not engaged in the trivial pursuit of becoming a working class hero are the business minded sharks who awaken late into the morning, browse through the tabloids looking for some scandals to enrich their day and then go about the rest of their day gossiping or looking for new ways to make more money.

It is sad then, that a cit y with so many affluent people cannot spur on the politicians to actually sort out an ailing infrastructure. Yes, Bangalore now has UB City, Whitefield and the Metro, but it still has cracked roads, overflowing sewage pipes, lawless corrupt policemen, poverty and worst of all apathy.

In a city where the weather is always a blessing, Bangaloreans are tarnishing mother natur’s gift with auto rickshaw’s and other pollutants. How much longer can the city withstand the apaty of millions and the cruelty of millions more. Much was given to the Bangaloreans by the land they settled upon, and therefore much is expected. It’s time to sort ourselves out and begin replanting in the garden city.


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