A new type of silence

Being in a city of endless honking, barking, cooking and conversation would leave one feeling rather satisfied with their dose of daily noise pollution; however, my first three days in Bangalore have left me devoid of internet access on both my blackberry and laptop. This to me, is more unnerving than seeing a man relieving himself on the side of a crowded street for the simple reason that as a product of the 21st century, technological silence is something I am unaccustomed to. The constant buzzing of messages on my phone to the compulsive cursory glance at my email are embedded within the very blood circulation channels of my anatomy. This is perhaps why my day of rest and relaxation was more akin to the filming of a horror movie as my phone managed to indtimidate me in a staring contest and the little blue computers icon on my task bar remainded definantely red to leave me a broken individual. Wasting away in reality brought me to the realization that I do not actually know much about Bangalore.

So, “adventure suiting up” i took the streets with naught but a wallet and an autorickshaw, whose driver had a rather leering grin…

A rather adventurous day took me into the very depths of Gangarams bookstore, the basement of a shop on Brigade road and a very delightful time at Airlines Corner House with the tardemark Hot Chocolate Fudge ice cream. A day that also took me past the army barracks and cubbon park.

corner house ice cream

Returning home, I walked to my room where, i was greeted by the black electronic device. But rather than looking majestic, it looked vulnerable. I turned and walked away; I had conquered technology….. This is what I would like to say…. but truth is, I picked it up and immediately began sifting through text messages and phone calls.

We’ve fallen into a trap were we rely on our phone’s companionship more than another individual. it is no surprise then that we have waning attention spans and suffer from commitment phobia… It’s time to walk amongst the people again, not the airwaves.


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