“Google it”

There was a time when man would proudly and defiantly berate his inferior colleague by saying “think before you speak.”

Current state of life

But now, in a time where cars accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in under 10 seconds, we prefer “Google before you speak” for searches that span over a million pages for even the most outlandish query with a duration of under a second most of the time.

No, I shall not tolerate your quisquilian arguments (I bet you’re “googling” what that means right now) in telling me that you do in fact take time to rack the cobweb filled inner sanctum on your mind. In fact, I will counter your futile attempts with statistics (that I “googled”). On average, over 100 million searches are conducted daily, which is a mere indication of Google’s significance in the common person’s life.

Now as an ardent user and fan of Google, I wouldn’t usually launch such a scathing attack against humanity’s dependence on it however; following my run in with a man who was absent-mindedly “googling” where he parked his car, I cannot help but protest! Yes Google and search engines are helpful in numerous ways but retain your original thought process for the love of humanity! If you cannot write a meaningful birthday message, try and try until you succeed. Do not replace the process of trying with a mere Google query.

Maybe if we took a break from googling everything, we could actually take time to explore the outdoors as opposed to satisfying ourselves with the information google diverts us to. Sergey Brin the co-founder of google wanted google to be the “third half” of our brains… Don’t let it become your entire brain.


One comment on ““Google it”

  1. Now that is some good literature.

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