The cup-undrum – part.2

A while ago I wrote about how as opposed to worrying about the volume of liquid in your cup, we ought to be appreciative of the fact that we have a cup at all. Recently, however, after reading Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” I have come to revise my opinion by thinking, we ought to empty our cup, regardless of what’s in there. Basically, we should seek to de-clutter the cup of our mind in order to make way for new thoughts.

Before I go on, try something. Take a breath and hold it. Now without releasing that breath take in another breath… and another… and another… struggling? Rightly so. It is near impossible to take in a fresh breath without releasing the first one. So why do we think our minds are any different? In order to learn new things, we must let go of old, antiquated ideas. Moreover, in order to move past events in our life, we must empty the contents of our cup, whether it is half full or half empty, space is being taken up.

Consider how much we hoard. Nay, consider how much you hoard. Are your fridges full of unwanted food items? Are your wardrobes full of unused clothes? Think about the signal you inadvertently send to your minds by hoarding. You are simply saying that you do not believe that tomorrow will bring you what you desire or what you need. Secondly, you are saying that new is neither better nor for you.

Do not look upon the emptiness of the cup as a wasted opportunity. You have a cup, now fill it. Once you fill it, empty it in order to make way for newer things. Remove the junk in your lives today, empty your cups now

“There are no limits for a person who accepts no limits” Monk Who Sold His Ferrrari. 


6 comments on “The cup-undrum – part.2

  1. incessantme says:

    Very powerful and impressive post !!

  2. […] The Artist of Re-inking Life – The Cup-undrum […]

  3. F.S. says:

    Love the concept! and love the writing even more! So should I read the book then??? 🙂

  4. vimax says:

    I think youve made some actually interesting points. Not as well many people would really think about this the way you just did. Im definitely impressed that theres so very much about this topic thats been uncovered and you did it so well, with so very much class. Great 1 you, man! Really good stuff here.

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