Ramadan Kareem!

Starting today, Muslims across the world will fast for approximately 29 – 30 days in the Islamic month of Ramadan. Alongside fasting, Ramadan is a month during which Muslims across the world attempt to live an austere life; avoiding temptation with more zeal and taking time out to pray and reflect on the year gone by.

Many non-Muslims view Ramadan as a month during which Muslims become overly conservative and live a life devoid of any fun. However, Ramadan, while being a month during which Muslims minimise material pleasures, is a month during which Muslims engage more in familial activities during Iftar (breaking of the fast), which can often go on late into the night.

This Ramadan sees many across the world fasting for up to 15 hours or more, which is a task in itself. However, as with every year, Ramadan is whole heartedly embraced, by some as an opportunity to lose that spare tyre their stomach is harbouring. By others, an opportunity to better themselves spiritually.

Nevertheless, Ramadan should not afford us with the opportunity to slack of our worldly responsibilities. Work with just as much vigour and work out with just as much passion. It’s one month of restraint, 8% of your whole year, not a lot is it?


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