An Arabian Spring

For forty-two years, the people from a country of green lived under the oppressive rule of a man oblivious to their needs for freedom of thought and belief. Living in only fear and despair, they went about their daily lives in silence until one event in Tunisia inspired them to find a voice; the voice of unity. The voice of freedom began to clamour from every household; the Libyan revolution had begun.

Word spread and the desire for freedom engulfed one and all however; one man’s fury at the rebellion saw thousands of innocent civilians relentlessly slaughtered. Women and children were gunned down in an attempt to gain back what he did not deserve. Yet were tanks formed impenetrable barriers, the voice of freedom rang internationally and help was given to aid millions of innocents cross the finish line and win the coveted prize of freedom.

Outraged and nearly thwarted, the infamous leader of the country lashed out and in order to protect the land from being taken away from his grasp he summoned both death and despair to fight for him. He sought to extinguish the candle of freedom once and for all.

Despite the body count rising into the thousands, the revolutionary spirit rang louder than the sound of gunfire. Days tick on and now 5 months and 10 days into the revolution, the people of Libya still fight for what is theirs. They fight not to gain power, but to gain freedom. A ‘freedom’ that was denied to them by a man who had too much power for far too long.

The country, which was once green, has changed, rebellious flags of white, red, black and green rose up again, the crescent and star of the flags shone brightly, guiding the lost through the dark.

Our deeds are the colour of white, our battles of black, our fields of green and our swords of red.

Our goal has always been clear. Oppression we no longer fear. Freedom is near.


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