Stop the Sirens

They say we ought not to brood over our past mistakes and failures as this will only fill our mind with grief, regret and depression. Unfortunately that is easier said and done, for our mistakes have a habit of haunting us and embezzling us out of our happiness.

But what happens when we learn from our mistakes and don’t actually make them again? What happens when we finishing regretting our mistakes, brooding over them and sinking into a agony filled depression? Must we continue to receive criticism and complaints over our actions? do we deserve all this on top of our self-deprecations?

Yes I messed up. Yes I made a mistake. But you did to and what happened the moment you finished tearing my heart into pieces as if it were a piece of paper? You moved on.

So it is time to be happy because who you are with now is not me. Who you are with now is a different person altogether. So despite all those promises you made about “forever” with me, it is time you stop punishing him and let go of the past and accept my outstretched hand of friendship.


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