Mumbai, sab ki jaan

Blast sites

Yesterday, 3 home made explosives were set off in India’s business capital. Zaveri bazaar, Dadar and Opera House were the three places to be hit in what many have described to be a “hineous act.”

However what stands out to me, above the death toll of 17 and injury number of 133, is the solidarity that the Indian people have shown. It is amazing that it takes the worst of scenarios to bring out the best in more than 1 billion people, but it is true.

Indians in Mumbai aided rescue efforts by trying to get the wounded to hospitals using their motorbikes, bicycles and even by carrying them.

What any oppressors of the great nation need to learn is that the fire of hate might damage us physically, but never will they be able to tear apart the Indian heart. We will continue to move from strength to strength and nothing will detonate our spirit, be it home made bombs or 10 Gunmen or even tainted bureaucracy .


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