Street Art Utopia

A special friend of mine introduced me to ‘ and was simply blown away by the magnificent art pieces. Gone were the traditional canvases. Gone were the galleries and museums. Your street could have been a canvas, or the road you walked on, or even the cigarette you tossed away. It was creativity at its best.

Street Art Utopia has allowed for me to appreciate my surroundings; to look at the crack in the wall and smile, rather than grimace. The works of art on the website are beyond what you see in the Louvre or any other esteemed museum, because they are present in our everyday society, because they are not the works of classic artists, but the works of our friends and neighbours.

Street Art Utopia gives a fresh perspective to art. It is engaging and meaningful without being cryptic and often, overly criticized. So open your eyes and enjoy the sights, for they are coloring in the dark.


2 comments on “Street Art Utopia

  1. hey that is wonderful piece of info u have shared…
    nice read… 🙂

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