Debating: a necessary evil

Many a time people frown upon debaters for simply being loud mouthed, dogmatic individuals arguing topics for the sake of argument and intellectual sport. However, we can never learn anything in life from those who agree with us.

Contrary to popular belief, debate is actually meant to of logical consistency, factual accuracy and only a degree of emotional appeal to an audience. There are different types of debate, but debaters almost always adhere to a framework of civility.

Debating is often showered by petty arguments in which the messengers attack each other rather than the message and this is where the disintegration of debating comes about and this is why debating is berated as the death of conversation.

Through debate we can overcome stereotypes and assumptions and by giving ourselves time to listen to the arguments of our learned counterparts.

As a last thought, our societies were founded on the back of bloodshed, the laws that hold our societies together were formed by debate. Imagine if we had formed our societies through discussion and debate.

We would need not live by the sword and die by the sword.


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