Test Driving a Religion

An article in BBC led to the temporary restoration of faith in humankind. A group called “Blood Foundation” based in Northern Thailand have launched a campaign called “Muslim for a month” which comes after their campaign “Monk for a Month.”

The amazing aspects of these initiatives are that not only is this organisation devoid of political agendas, but also through these initiatives people are able to glean a greater understanding of different religions. This is the first step to increased acceptance, which might potentially lead to a peaceful co-existence between religions.

For one single month, attendees attempt to adhere to the workings of the religion in question, amidst an environment which teaches them about it. While many argue that it is incorrect to revoke their own religion for a month, it’s more so about opening ones mind while giving them valid information about the religion in question, in order to dispel stereotypes and assumptions.

Blood Foundation shares a simple human desire for peace, prosperity and purpose. I share that desire and you should too.


One comment on “Test Driving a Religion

  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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