A belly full of laughter. Get your money’s worth in Delhi

Delhi Belly is defined to be Traveller’s disease, or diarrhoea and the Bollywood production pays tribute to the definition by making viewer’s bellies rumble with laughter courtesy unyielding, brain dead toilet humour.  Perhaps the greatest reason a film of Delhi Belly’s character should be applauded for is it’s bold move to dismiss Bollywood’s squeamishness regarding reality.

Gone are the large mansions, with the scenes of a beautiful girl offering prayers who is later to be pursued by a well dressed, poor man. No. In Delhi Belly “kuch kuch hota hai” in the toilet or upon a gangster’s cloth.

Delhi Belly shows us a cockroach infested apartment, inhabited by three men, who amidst struggling to pay the rent, resort to using alternative methods in order to wash themselves. Delhi Belly does all this with excellent usage of outrageous humour that tears down all the walls Bollywood hides behind.

A brilliant music score that draws inspiration from Kill Bill, Ram Sampath must be commended for creating something new with each track. From the opening “saigal blues” to the subtly rude “Bhag D.K bose” Delhi Belly shifts bollywood from the days of saying “kabutar ja ja ja” to a more audacious “Ja Chudail.” All this being perfectly justified as hey, desis are renowned for our profanity.

Alas, there are some flaws with the movie. The movie has a 90-10 split in favour of English with the 10% of hindi being profanity or to highlight uneducated people. It is still a bollywood movie, and while the movie’s content alienates a large portion of red-faced middle aged people, by being primarily in English, it alienated a vast majority of the Indian movie-goers population; suggesting that the target market really is the up and coming generation.

Moreover, the little cameo by Aamir Khan serves only to be a PR stunt with the idea originating from Tom Cruise’s cameo in Tropic Thunder. However Aamir Khan’s inclusion not only undermined the fantastic efforts of Imran Khan, but also did nothing to aid the story line.

The movie is a must watch for anyone with an open minded sense of humour. Do not go with the senior members of your family though, this movie is not for the faint hearted or for the old school.

Delhi Belly, I hate you (Like i Love you)


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