Shakespeare once penned that “temptation is the fire that brings up the scum of the heart’ and I could not agree more.By choosing an alternative option, especially a temptress, we often forgo goodness within us for short term, quick and easy pleasure.

However, the greatest problem with resisting temptation is that we do not completely render ourselves rid of it. Instead we keep in touch as we worry it might never come our way again. In doing so, we are invariably yielding temptation and jeopardizing our morale standing. It is true, you don’t really know what you had until it’s gone. Don’t give yourself a chance to realize that. Look away from temptation, for it is a seductive temptress who will derail you on life’s path.

The whisper of temptation can often be heard over the loudest call to duty and it takes time, patience and perseverance  to ensure that you reach the stage where you no longer have to avoid temptation, temptation avoids you. Different sources will give you different techniques to avoid temptation, but sometimes hearing the voice of a loved one, or actually taking note of the positives in your life, rather than simply cribbing about the negatives, is enough to stop you from avoiding temptation.

Remember, sometimes slow and steady is good enough to win the race. So keep your hands out the cookie jar.


5 comments on “Temptation

  1. Sairam says:

    I agree, if you include the temptation to check the stats of your blog 🙂

  2. Did you read my “Craving Cookies” post? Is this directed at me? ;D

    • the artist. says:

      guilty as charged :p
      it wasn’t allowing me to comment on your post
      so i thought… hmm… fighting temptation in my life… + read a post about a lady craving cookies

      WHY NOT :p !?

  3. xxxtube says:

    Excellent Blog !!!!

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