Birthday Blues

It seems we look forward to birthday’s with a heightened sense of anticipation and rightly so. The more special we expect our birthday’s to be, the bigger the let down they are. It must be something to do with the price of expectations; the greater the expectation, the higher the cost. More often than not however, we are unwilling to pay that cost and instead slump into a mellow mood, marred by resignation.

This is why when it comes to people’s milestone birthdays, like their 18th or 25th or 50th, the expectations should be warily watched over in order to avoid disappointment that might set the tone for the year to come. In order to avoid disappointment, enjoy the sparse few moments you get with your loved ones, even if they overcrowd you once they notice that you are not actually excited for your birthday. Maybe we ought to plaster smiles on our faces out of appreciation for the efforts of others. After all, we can still enjoy the cake and the company.

So this year, blow out the candles and toast to friendship, longevity and savour the few moments of peace that only come on one’s birthday.


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