Words I Should Not Have Said

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can always hurt you. The power of the said word has become more noticeable off-late as I shed my cloak of ignorance and gave credence to the true definition of words that I used in bouts of  colloquialism.

Ever used the word “rape” as a verb to describe your performance in an exam?

Ever used “fag” to berate a friend’s actions?

Ever wondered what the real impact of those words is on the people around you?

I don’t blame you if you haven’t. We have become so immersed in berating extremism, that we have become extremists ourselves. In describing a simple situation, we opt to use extremely violent and vulgar language as opposed to civilised statements. But, examine the word you are using, “fag” for instance, and when realization dawns upon you, that you actually seem like an immature homophobic person with no respect for the minority in question, the word you used suddenly becomes a weapon against your own personality.

Moreover, think of how much pain you are causing to someone who potentially is a member of the minority, or moreover, imagine the pain you are causing someone who has actually been raped by casually throwing the word around.

So next time you feel like using “slang” in everyday conversations, take a minute to assess its impact, refrain and use another word instead. let sticks and stones cause the damage, not your words.


3 comments on “Words I Should Not Have Said

  1. Nicely stated. I have noticed this a lot. I have seen many get hurt by it, as well. This is a very relevant post.

  2. the artist. says:

    Thank you =D
    it is really becoming an out of hand situation, so i hope the word spreads 🙂

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