The Truth

We seem to have a reluctant affinity for the truth. I read once that ‘truth is a bully we pretend to like’ and off late I’ve begun understanding why.

Despite the fact that assumptions can be seen to be the termites of relationships, the truth in many an occasion can serve to be a catalyst for destruction. Simply because the truth scares us and debilitates us. What begins as a need to satisfy your curiosity ends with an agony. But surely we should be relieved because our doubts have been cleared and the truth is not as horrifying as our assumptions. Or we should be relieved that we have finally been told the truth and, no matter how bad, the truth alleviates the frustration and anxiety that is attached to frantic guesswork.

Or maybe, we should accept the truth for what it is; someone trusting us enough to share their secrets with us. We should appreciate the truth tellers more for building a bridge as opposed to their alternative option of adding more bricks to their wall.

The truth might well be a bully we pretend to like, but if we attempt to see past the façade it creates of attempting to instil fear in us, we might gather an honest appreciation for what this world is lacking.


One comment on “The Truth

  1. Ace says:

    You know what I love about this blog? The fact that each and every article is something I can relate to, keep it up!- Ace

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