The date to forget.

She walked down the stairs shimmering in white and gold,

his heart beat faster but her smile made him feel bold,

But her demeanour was brutal, her feelings were cold

She was the Ice Queen to his Joker, his cards she did make fold.

Having done everything right,

Even bought her a corsage of colours bright

All he wanted was one special, fun filled night.

But he should have known when he embraced her,

She wasn’t holding on tight.

He led her in, he held her hand

He praised her beauty, his affection wasn’t even planned

But when he asked; ‘might I have this last dance?’

She chose another partner for the ballroom romance

Fed up he departed and threw away his tie,

He was done, no longer would he try,

His eye shed a tear but his heart did not cry

It was time to end this, it was time for a final goodbye.


2 comments on “The date to forget.

  1. jojopant says:

    Beautiful. And touching. Wow! Great….

  2. pramodlohia says:

    Great writeup. Superb engrossing read

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