I came. I saw. I tweeted. Nothing happened.

When a Tunisian man wanted change, he burned himself to ignite the fire of change within everyone. But when Japan needed help, everyone ‘clicked’ a button, and another button, and another button… but nothing happened. Why? Because we have become clicktivists who are content just sitting behind a box, ‘liking’ words on mentally degenerative social networking sites.

Off late, we have begin to live under the misconception that it is the tweet or the Facebook post that is making a difference in the world, but even today, the might of the sword, the power of physical unity creates a bigger impact than any set of 140 letters. The tweet is simply a few well chosen words that represent your emotions on cyber space and you claim show positive intent on your part to those in strife. Correction ignorant social networker. The people in strife don’t have access to social networks; they’re not clutching their blackberries and mindlessly browsing websites… so your tweet or Facebook post is effectively irrelevant.

Moreover consider 150 students of an institution  decide to make a group expressing their discontent at the potential cancellation of an event. Words cannot combat an institution, just as ideas cannot combat tanks simply because the institution can simply ignore indignant comments. But if these students stand united outside the humble abode  of the unjust leaders, then like Egypt, Tunisia and many other nations, change will be witnessed. Real Change. Not cyber change.

So next time you sit down to permanently borrow a genius’ quote to convey your emotions, remember John. F. Kennedy and Nike ‘Ask not what your country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your country’ and then ‘Just Do It.’


One comment on “I came. I saw. I tweeted. Nothing happened.

  1. Ruhi Sonal says:

    Well said! Point noted! 🙂

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