A tribute to the past.

They said to enter a contest,

To see who is the best.

But one look at you and I thought,

I’ll leave the prize for the rest. .

One look into your dark brown eyes,

Your hand in mine during those starry nighs,

Your kiss better than a stanza describing love,

Your silky hair better than a haiku about a dove.

Your beauty more radiant than a sonnet from above.

Being close to you makes my heart beat faster than a limerick’s pace,

Not even an Asian ghazal can compete with the beauty upon your face.

Even an Elegy finds solace in your heart,

Like I did from the very start.

Forgive me dear reader,

But now we must part,

For the rest is best

Left in my memory,

Where she lies,

In disguise,

My reverie.


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