Wrong things, Right reasons

You told a lie, but it kept the other person happy. Was it worth it? Is the burden of that guilt you carry something you can deal with? Was the truth really that damaging?

These are questions we are often faced with when we do the wrong things for what we perceive to be the right reasons. In the past, I’ve been guilty of lying to the people closest to me. I overcame the lying aspect by convincing myself the truth would cause them more pain and their ignorance truly is bliss. But if I had taken the time to examine my fears over the potential consequences, I might have opted out of making the wrong choice for an alleged ‘right’ reason.

The truth does hurt and we believe truth is a bully that we merely pretend to like. But truth separates the profound from the clever and reality from perception. Telling the truth might not lead to the explosive domino effect played out in your mind. It might simply deepen your relationship.

The saying ‘learn from your mistakes’ is an imperative saying that we ought to follow. In order to learn from them, we have to admit to ourselves that we have made the mistake, then and only then can we admit to others that we have made it. Lying about it only worsens the mistake and doesn’t allow for us to progress from it.

They say doing the wrong things for the right reasons is sometimes necessary in scenarios such as killing for your country in wartime. But had those in command admitted their mistakes and not been enslaved by their pride and ego, that killing would have never happened.

Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons doesn’t change anything. It is still wrong and if two wrongs don’t make a right then one wrong most definitely will not.


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