Women, Make up your mind

You don’t want to be names as someone’s girlfriend and now you’re someone’s wife? It is extremely bemusing how indecisive members of the opposite sex can be. Without coming across as a sexist antagonist, I truly am perplexed as to how, despite expressing their feelings with clarity, women cannot be decisive as to what they want.

However when you decide to take matters into your own hands and force some clarity, they throw you out. Move along the time line and they begin to regret the only decision they made and wish they could go back in time and fix matters. Or they hope that the two of you can be ‘good friends.’

And when the time for departure arrives, they don’t want you to go. But if you opt to stay, it is back to square one with indecision still rife and awkward, defensive reasons being provided.

Yes, if you are a woman, you can say I have stereotyped all women based on the actions of a few and that there are men who are more indecisive than women; however, the point, even for those few women still stands, make up your mind.


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