Just Friends?

Standing at the corner of your street, it’s called letdown

You welcome me in with a smile but I’m staring back with an apprehensive frown

As I walk toward you the water turns red

My footsteps slow, they become as heavy as lead

From my soul emanates a sense of dread

I’ve been here before

you stood at the very same door

saying we’re just friends… nothing more

but, you didn’t treat me as a friend under any other circumstances,

remember our moment in the downpour

i was once in doubt but now i’m sure;

Of my downfall you’re the experienced composer

But now you’re nothing but a pitiful poser

You sent me a message once

Saying ‘I’ll see you when I can’

But you never checked my reply

Cause to you.. I’m just another man.


2 comments on “Just Friends?

  1. jojopant says:

    Whoo whoo whoo. That’s extremely blunt and it has a way of reaching right to the heart.
    Very well written. Thank you for the read.

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