Heil Grammar.

There seems to be a negative stigma attached to the title; ‘Grammar Nazi.’ Perhaps the negative stigma is due to historical events or simply because a study by Cambridge shows that it does not matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter are in the right place.

When someone asks ‘how are you?’ the reply they often receive, in this grammatically inferior environment is ‘I’m doin’ good.’ Correction; Batman does good, you are doing well.

However, the biggest concern of a Grammar Nazi is those individuals who cannot distinguish between; ‘your’ and

‘you’re’ or ‘their,’ ‘there’ and ‘they’re.’ To you, the Grammar Nazi may seem pedantic in such trivial corrections, but a Grammar Nazi is one who secretly enjoys scrutinizing your usage of language at any given moment and is prepared to tell you about it. Moreover, being a Grammar Nazi is not an evil thing, it is an undervalued civil service akin only to the role of governments across the World.

It is a well known fact that Grammar Nazis Grammar Nazi’s (Plural, not possessive!) are really cool very attractive (Colloquial! Use proper tone!). I hopeu you (Again, colloquial! Use proper tone!) will never split an infinitive again anymore (Inappropriate diction!). Good day.


6 comments on “Heil Grammar.

  1. Actually, for me, the whole “your” vs “you’r” complication has little to do with knowing what is correct. Instead, it is a matter of “phonetic pollution”: Somehow the similarity in sound can cause me to use the wrong one, as if my fingers were taking a dictation without paying attention to context. This happens particularly often where “two”, “to”, and “too” are concerned. (The more odd, as I normally do not think in words.)

  2. jojopant says:

    “but a Grammar Nazi is one who secretly enjoys scrutinizing your usage of language at any given moment and “are” prepared to”

    Shouldn’t it be ‘is’ instead of ‘are’, as the sentence is talking of a singular Grammar Nazi? :p

    That aside, great post. 🙂

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