For some reason, we seem to reserve the term ‘success’ for people with money, fame or power. But who gave them such a monopoly power? Asian Parents? Success cannot be measured by the size of our bank account, or the amount of autographs we give out or the amount of people who work under us. Basically success is not quantifiable.

People often say that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary but this is because we often live under this misconception that success will bring us happiness but do we ever consider that perhaps happiness is the key to success, and happiness can be found in the smallest of things. This can also be seen by the fact that those who are happy with what they are doing are the successful ones.

There are many definitions to success, but a good place to begin building your tower of success is by laying a firm foundation from the bricks they throw at you.

Remember success is what you define it to be and the only barrier to that success… is the fear of failure.


3 comments on “Success

  1. Sajeevs blog says:

    Success means different things to different people. I believe success is not achieving anything or getting anything but it is a different realm, a feeling of contentment and fulfilment when worldly bondages do not agitate you:)

  2. iterlibertas says:

    Success is defined by your core driver (love, freedom, peace, recognition). You are successful when you achieve those. It is also linked to your need to succeed. The real problem with success is it when and how do we recognise it? How do we measure it? How do we know the today is more successful than yesterday. Do we have set goals we can measure?

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