Why does it always rain on me?

People seem to form a metaphorical attachment to rain. Those who are heartbroken walk in the rain so no one can see them crying. Poets stand in the rain hoping to be struck by lightening. But when it rains, why don’t we just let it rain?

People say that using an umbrella when it rains is simply almost like putting up a barrier to stop the onset of tears. But, it’s probably because we don’t want our hair, clothing or accessories to get wet. And even if you are to accept the view that an umbrella can be likened to a barrier well then that’s a bit cowardly because you should confront issues not form barriers to protect you from them.

There’s a myth out there that; when Zeus (the Greek God) used to be upset and cry, the skies would cry too, which is why rain drops appear to be like tear drops. Yes, this story is more appealing that the scientific explanation of precipitation but still, I hate to say this but, it doesn’t always rain, and it doesn’t only rain on you.

Perhaps it’s time we stop analysing the weather and forming metaphorical associations with it and simply enjoy the moment. The rain will not cleanse you of your sins, nor will it hide your tears, it will simply drench you or give you an opportunity to let loose.


3 comments on “Why does it always rain on me?

  1. Vijay Shenoy says:

    Good one… Honest thoughts… quiet refreshing! It rained here tonight and it was a blissful feeling!

  2. Benjamin Wendell says:

    I love the rain, as does my wife. We’re perfectly happy on a cloudy day and downright ecstatic in the midst of a thunderstorm. It’s so terribly frustrating to hear the local weathercasters bemoan the slightest break in the perfection of their cloudless sunny days. Given the heat wave and dangerous drought plaguing much of the country, that recurring tune is changing, albeit reluctantly.

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