la bellezza non perdona

She’s welcome you into a whirlwind romance,

Then she’ll remind you it’s with someone else she continues to dance.

You’ll be left to sojourn in a trance,

She’ll keep you disorientated and hooked but out of balance.

Her smile will welcome you to a seemingly stable shore,

The beauty you see will ensure you are left wanting more.

Is she an angel or a rotten fruit?

A foray into the depths will expose the truth.

You get closer as your heartbeat begins to race.

Up and down her skin your finger begins to trace.

But that’s as far as your adventure shall go,

As she’ll stare into your eyes but kiss his face.

Her emotions are clear, she wears her heart on her sleeve,

But selfish is she, and in the end you might just grieve

what could have been but simply is not,

you saw the signs but reality you forgot.

Her heart is not yours to keep,

You might wipe her tears,

But for someone else she does weep.

The Beauty in her eyes,

Lights up the stars in your skies.

Her sweet and soft voice,

Makes her your only choice.

But as day turns to night,

And you turn away,

Her confession that she misses you will make you stay

You have entered a place where she keeps you cleverly,

she is your everlasting, but unyielding reverie.

La Belle Dame might have you enthrall

But this femme fatal will be your downfall.


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