First Impression

2 minutes or often 30 seconds into a conversation, people form first impressions about one another. From the way we shake hands to our posture, to our ability to make and hold eye contact, we are constantly being judged. It is irrelevant as to whether our real personality is shielded by a finely designed veneer or whether we dress our flaws with Armani’s finest suit or Vera Wang’s silkiest dress.

This goes to show the important of first impressions and despite the fact that many of our first impressions are fraudulent and fraught with ulterior motives, we ought never to play down the importance of first impressions. Yes, by being a refined version of ourselves we are not being true to who we really are but we never get a second chance to make a first impression. Instead of being tailor made for our first impression, we ought to work on the foundation of who we are in order to become the better person we portray ourselves to be.

First impressions are instrumental to building a healthy relationship, be it a formal or casual one. We ought to ensure our first impression is a true impression and not a false impression.


2 comments on “First Impression

  1. Sandhyas says:

    very apt…I always tend to be wrong on my first impressions. So I automatically discredit my mind’s first assumptions. You see, I am in the fashion industry and it comes naturally to me, to judge a person by what he/she wears. But, over the years, I have realized that, while some designers dress to the nines and expect all to do so, there are a select few who always are in simple plain Black with just a few interesting details.
    So,with clothes out of the way, if you dissect personality, everyone tries to be a great and the most interesting person for the first few days. So, one can never tell the true character of the person…only after a few months,can one truly know. Its like in a relationship….the first few months are bliss, and then the actual personalities come through…
    Sorry…became a bit long…:)

    • the artist. says:

      your comment wasn’t long 🙂 much appreciated observations 🙂
      so what are you :p the one who dresses to nines or the ‘sophistication simplified?’ unfortunately though in a society hell bent on pursuing the new york minute to the second, we are ill afforded a chance to go to the stage of a few months before we can have a detailed and true caricature…

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